Salt, Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

Salt, Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

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Gourmet Salt, Maldon Sea Salt Flakes
Description: Hand-harvested from Essex Coast in the United Kingdom, Maldon Sea Salt is made with traditional artisanal methods that were passed from generation to generation.  Maldon Sea Salt is a natural pyramid flake salt that has a soft, delicate crunchy texture.  Maldon Sea Salt is revered by top chefs worldwide for its bold, crisp taste.  It is best used as finishing salt or on top of sweet desserts to lend a delectable salty, crispy contrast.
Ingredients: Sea Salt
Origin: United Kingdom
Net Weight: .7 Ounces / 20 Grams

Packet Size:

Each packet measures 6 in. (L) x 2 in. (W) and contains approximately 2 tablespoons or 6 teaspoons of ingredient.

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