Salt, Himalayan Black / Kala Namak Rock Salt

Salt, Himalayan Black / Kala Namak Rock Salt

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 Salt, Himalayan Black / Kala Namak - Sulfuric Salt
Description: Also known as "Himalayan Black Salt", Kala Namak originates from the volcanic mines of the Himalayan Regions of India and Pakistan.  Although it is referred to as "Black Salt", it takes on a greyish pink color when ground.  Due to its high sulfur content, Himalayan Black Salt has a very distinct, sulfuric smell and taste.  It is widely used in South Asian cooking (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal) for chaats, raita and chutneys.  Kala Namak salt is also popular with many vegans and vegetarians to add an "eggy" flavor to dishes.  *Note: This is a rock salt and contains some larger crystals that may need to be dissolved before use.  
Origin: Pakistan
Net Weight: 1.2 Ounces / 34 Grams

Packet Size:

Each packet measures 6 in. (L) x 2 in. (W) and contains approximately 2 tablespoons or 6 teaspoons of ingredient.

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