Dill Weed - Cut & Sifted

Dill Weed - Cut & Sifted

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Organic Dill Weed - Cut & Sifted
Description: Dill Weed adds a tangy, zesty taste similar to lemon, which makes it ideal in the preparation of sauces and seasoning for meat or seafood. Use it for pickling or add Organic Dill Weed into your sour cream / yogurt to create an delicious spread or dipping sauce. 
Origin: Egypt
 Net Weight: .2 Ounces / 6 grams

~ 6 teaspoons of spice per packet
  • Packets are sized to fit our spice bottles and spice tins. Each packet measures 6 in.-L x 2 in.-W and contains approx. 6 teaspoons of ingredient.

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