Chili Pepper, Chipotle - Ground, Organic
Organic Chipotle Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper, Chipotle - Ground, Organic

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Organic Chipotle Chili Powder
Description: The rich, smoky undertones of Organic Chipotle Chili infuse a deep earthy heat to homemade chili, salsa, mole, queso, barbeque sauce, meat marinades, beans / lentils and much more! Add Chipotle Chili to create a Southwest, Tex Mex or Mexican flair to your dishes.
Origin: USA
Net Weight: 0.8 Ounces / 23 Grams

Packet Size:

Each packet measures 6 in. (L) x 2 in. (W) and contains approximately 2 tablespoons or 6 teaspoons of ingredient.

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