Chili Pepper, Habanero - Ground, Organic

Chili Pepper, Habanero - Ground, Organic

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Organic Habanero Chili - Ground
Description:  Organic Habanero Chili Powder perks up your favorite dishes with intense heat and fruity, sweet flavor.  Use Ground Habanero in place of Cayenne Pepper to bump the spiciness of your Chilis, Salsas, Wings and Tacos up a few notches.  
Origin:  USA
Net Weight:  .5 Ounces / 15 Grams


~ 6 teaspoons of spice per packet Packets are sized to fit our spice bottles and spice tins. Each packet measures 6 in.-L x 2 in.-W and contains approx. 6 teaspoons of ingredient.

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